Becoming a New Patient                                             

Dr. Shippy will spend approximately two hours during your initial consultation to go over health concerns you are experiencing and take a thorough personal history. She will also conduct a physical, review family history and any previous lab work you have had done (please feel free to bring them with you and our office will make copies) as well as review any supplements/medications you are currently taking (new patients please bring a list with you). 


During the initial consultation Dr. Shippy will make supplement and nutritional recommendations, order blood work and other specialized tests, and answer any questions you may have to get you started. She usually follows up with new patients 4-6 weeks after the initial consultation to review test results and make any necessary adjustments or additional recommendations to your current plan.


The wait list to become a new patient is approximately 6 months.  Please call our office to find out what our current wait time is, to make an appointment, and to get on our cancellation list. 


We ask that you refrain from wearing perfumes, colognes or other strong scents during your appointment (many of Dr. Shippy's patients are sensitive to them).


To make an appointment with Dr. Shippy, please call our office at (512) 732-9975.


If you'd like you can fill out our new patient forms before your appointment or please arrive a few minutes early to fill out the paperwork in our office.

Letter to New Patients
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Medication List
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